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I awakened to being a Starwalker.... by Magali Boehlen.

I awakened to being a Starwalkers….

The history of my spiritual awakening began at the age of 20. I did not know it at the time, but a process was beginning within me that I would later discover was the start of my Soul’s purpose here on earth. I was 20 years old and attending art school in Miami, Florida. This process that I am still undergoing now at the age of 36 and will continue forever, began as dream remembrance of past lives and how I experienced my death processes. For many years I re-lived in dream-state how I died in prior or parallel life-experiences both as the subject and as the observer. The common denominator of these memories was that my life was taken because of the information and skills I owned, shared and taught. For all of my 20s, this was predominant life experience, the remembrance during dream-state and then the need to process and clear out and heal during my awake-state. At the same time in my life, I began teaching massage therapy and energy work at a massage school in Miami, which I am still currently working with.

This was an important part of my life as it allowed me to clear and heal much of my past or parallel life experiences around my fears of dying or being murdered for my spiritual attributions and teachings on this planet. I was able to understand and cope with these spiritual energies in myself and thus able to assist my client’s through their own trans-dimensional awakenings and healings as well.

It is important to be able to hold the space in our physical bodies and in our mental, emotional and psychic bodies for the healing work that is occurring on our soul and cosmic bodies of reality. While a person is undergoing such transformation the rational mind or ego is easily triggered into judgment, comparison and fear. It is crucial to find a way of grounding this energy into the human body’s psychie for it is within the human body and the psychic electromagnetic frequency stored and available that healing and clearing can happen that affects other dimensional frequencies that we inhabit. The information that comes from what appears to be past-lives are not in essence ‘past’ but more parallel in accordance to what we are currently processing in this moment from a soul or cosmic releasing. The timelines are not linear, but rather spherical and spiral in motion. Just like the energy coming from our cells in our human physical 3D body.

February 1996 was the time when I first had my out-of-body experiences that took my consciousness outside the template grid of the earth. I traveled through what felt and looked like a gateway in outer space and arrived at another universe. I was led through a ‘City of Lights’ ontop of what looked like a Viking ship in the middle of outerpsace in another universe. This city of lights, had each building composed of a different light color frequency and as I was led through this colored-liquid-light-crystal building my being received the transmission of that particular colored building. This happened for a consecutive 5 nights and at the completion of each night’s journeying through this galactic gateway as I returned to my 3D body in my bed, I would open my eyes and the clock signaled 3:33am. To this day, as I move through my process and am traveling in sleeptime I still wake up often staring at the clock signaling 3:33am. And I know I have just done some soul work that will be manifesting shortly in my 3D living environment.

In my late 20’s, it seemed that this cycle was slowing down and life became a little bit more ‘normal’. What was actually happening was a time period of ‘stasis’, like waves from the ocean, this where slowing down in preparation for the next incoming wave of consciousness transformation.

February 17th 2007, I experienced another past-life parallel death. Only this one was different in that when the memory experience was complete, I hovered outside my body for two hours while my physical body received a most intense electromagnetic upgrade. A few days after, I was visited by a Guardian of the Light who stayed with me in what was to be a four-hour telepathic conversation in my living room. The electronics in my house seemed to have been connected to my thought waves and turned on as I looked at them. The vibration in my body was being plugged into a galactic energy source. It took several weeks for my body and psychie to adjust to the new wave of energy that I was being cosmically connected to. My life shifted into greater understanding of the purpose of the light family here on earth, the indigo children, the crystal children who are arriving and the responsibility on all levels for acknowledging the healing of our planet, our human family and the cosmos.

In bringing awareness to these Light aspects of self, our truest self-expression, the work of releasing lower vibratory addictions and programming is demanded from the soul level. In March of last year, 2010, I experienced what has been the latest in my visitation teachings. A familiar Higher voice spoke to me preparing me for a deeply uncomfortable experience…. The next thing I was being visited in my room by 9 little beings of darkness. I say this with compassion and from a non-judgmental position, as I would later on discover was the whole teaching point of this visitation. These visitors where given permission by an aspect of my higher self, the Guardian of Light to interact and have an exchange with me. These beings where shown and explained to me as being ‘without souls’. Their presence to say the least is dark. The frequency they emit when heard is of great discordance at a cellular level and the need they come with is completely self-serving. At this moment in our exchange, a spontaneous mantra emergerd from the depths of my being and my entire self reverberated ‘I AM LOVE’ repeatedly. This truth allowed me to continue my exchange with them and was also a most incredible teaching moment for my conscious mind and remembrance. A beam of intense artificial light penetrated my forehead and pierced into the center of my brain. The next moment I was aboard the ship. He energy there was very different, sedated but alert and conscious. The ship was extremely large and with different ‘holding’ spaces and segments. There were thousands of people there and it reminded me of a typical waiting area at the airport at the gate terminals. As my consciousness began to return back to my physical 3D body in my bed, I felt myself travel through a type of cylindrical compartments of frequency each with a strong frequency ‘pop’ inside my head similar to dimensional de-compression chambers. As the rest of my soul consciousness was coming back to my body, my familiar Higher voice transmitted into my psychie the download of this experience teaching.

Not every soul gets a body and not all body beings have a soul. As we ignite the Light Body we become more attractive to the galactic beings that co-exist in other dimensional frequencies where we inhabit as well. The gift here is to become your truest self that is Light and allow the emergence of the knowing through the cells of the human body. Allowing once again the cells of the body to glow in their Light. This behavior is the healing moment for our selves and others across the dimensional frequencies we inhabit. The work we do here on earth, in our body, in our mind with the frequency we choose to run through our bodies like electromagnetic batteries is affecting and echoing throughout all of the manifest and un-manifest realities. My Higher voice then asked me, “If you are a healer and LightBody activator here on earth, what makes you think your work is limited to the human race? You are a galactic being...” My soul contract now is activated into the Light Remembrance for those cosmic beings who have forgotten what it feels like to have a soul. I embrace this from a place of divine love and the evolution all of earthly, cosmic and galactic beings. Standing in the truest truth is love. The challenge is to hold the Higher vibratory frequency and to remain awakened to the nature of the cosmos in this very active quantum healing era of our planet and of us as the key factors in how the evolution of all beings, the earth herself included manifests.

Just as there are lower and higher vibratory beings occupying the many different dimensional spaces, there are also these energies here on earth. The response is observation from a non-judgmental, clear and grounded perspective with the active intention of grounding the higher vibratory frequency of universal love and oneness with clarity and demand for nothing less than.

The planet is surrounded by Guardians of the Light, as are our human bodies. We receive these energetic cosmic upgrades as our bodies learn how to metabolize and process this electromagnetic frequency wave by wave. This is a strategically monitored process and as each wave passes through in its entirety, timelines and soul contracts shift. Trust, faith and remembrance of our truest self as love and Light is all that is being called for. Our soul contract with planet earth is at a critical moment now. Planet earth is in the process of activating her energy centers as the grid plates come into alignment revealing in our selves and on the earth that which has been hidden from us. As planet earth’s gridlines activate, so do we here in our 3D bodies. As planet earth’s electromagnetic nervous system upgrades, so does the central nervous system in our 3d bodies. As planet earth’s galactic purpose unveils, so does the human family’s galactic purpose unveil, welcoming in the high vibratory beings of Light consciousness that are waiting to incarnate here with us and through us.

Magali Boehlen~

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